Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 13.4″ Touchscreen Notebook – Full HD Plus – 1920 x 1200 – Intel Core i7 12th Gen i7-1260P Dodeca-core (12 Core) – Intel Evo Platform – Total RAM – 16 GB On-Board Memory

Product Description

Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 – 13.4″ – Intel Core i7 1260P – Evo – 16 GB RAM – 512 GB SSD
Product Type Notebook
Operating System Win 11 Pro – Dutch / English / French / German / Italian
Platform Technology Intel Evo
Processor Intel Core i7 (12th Gen) 1260P (4.7 GHz) / 18 MB Cache
Memory 16 GB LPDDR5 (provided memory is soldered)
Storage 512 GB SSD – NVMe
Display 13.4″ 1920 x 1200 / WUXGA @ 60 Hz – 169.3 ppi
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Keyboard Backlight Yes
Integrated Webcam Yes
Networking Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (Wi-Fi 6E)
Battery 3-cell
Features Ambient light sensor
Security Fingerprint reader
Color Silver
Dimensions (WxDxH) 29.53 cm x 19.904 cm x 1.595 cm
Weight 1.27 kg
Bundled Services 1 Year Dell Pro Support
  • Delivery Countywide & East Africa Community
  • Warranty Guaranteed: 6 Months for Ex-UK & 1yr for Brand NEW
  • 30 Days returns & refunds

Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P 13.4 Inch FHD Touch 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Win 11 Home


The Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 is a dazzling embodiment of innovation and performance seamlessly encapsulated within a slender and highly portable design. With its robust 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P processor, a captivating  13.4-inch FHD touch display, a generous 16GB of RAM, a swift and capacious 512GB SSD, and the intuitive Windows 11 Home operating system, it elegantly marries power and sophistication to cater to an extensive spectrum of computing requirements. Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 in Pakistan

Effortless Elegance

The Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 immediately commands attention with its refined design. This laptop embodies a compact and lightweight form factor that’s tailor-made for individuals frequently on the move. The Arctic White finish not only imparts a premium aura but also exudes sophistication, ensuring that it stands out in any environment.

12th Gen Intel Powerhouse

Beneath the surface, this laptop is driven by the formidable 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P processor. This high-performance CPU, a proud member of Intel’s illustrious Alder Lake family, is meticulously crafted to effortlessly tackle a diverse array of tasks. Featuring a base clock speed of 2.4GHz and a turbo boost frequency soaring up to 4.9GHz, it exhibits exemplary prowess in both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications. Whether you’re grappling with complex spreadsheets, meticulously editing high-resolution images, or gracefully handling multiple applications concurrently, this processor ensures a consistently smooth and responsive performance.

Vibrant Touch Display

The XPS 13 Plus 9320 boasts a breathtaking 13.4-inch FHD touch display. The inclusion of touchscreen functionality adds an extra dimension of versatility to your computing experience, enabling intuitive navigation and interaction. The display itself is a visual feast, characterized by its vibrancy and sharpness, rendering colors with vivid accuracy and delivering crisp, detailed visuals. With a resolution measuring 1920×1200 pixels, it generously provides an exquisite canvas for both work and entertainment. Dell-XPS-13-Plus-9320_atreboot

Ample Memory and Storage

Backed by a substantial 16GB of RAM, this laptop empowers you to seamlessly run multiple applications in concert, without any hint of slowdown. Whether you’re effortlessly toggling between web browsers, diving into productivity software, or harnessing the capabilities of creative applications, you’ll find that multitasking becomes an exercise in fluidity. The 512GB SSD (Solid State Drive) further amplifies this laptop’s capabilities. It delivers lightning-fast data access speeds while offering copious storage for your files, documents, and multimedia. This SSD not only turbocharges the overall performance of the laptop but also ensures that boot times are swift, and applications launch with remarkable speed.

Windows 11 Home

Out of the box, the XPS 13 Plus 9320 is equipped with Windows 11 Home. This latest iteration of the Windows operating system introduces a fresh and contemporary interface, accompanied by a plethora of new features and enhancements. From the redesigned Start menu that exudes modernity to the augmented productivity tools, Windows 11 Home presents a user-friendly and efficient computing environment that enhances your daily experience.

Portability and Battery Life

Weighing in at just a few pounds, the XPS 13 Plus 9320 epitomizes portability. Its slender profile renders it effortlessly transportable, easily slipping into a bag or nestling under your arm. This makes it the perfect companion for professionals and students who are constantly on the move. Battery life stands as another of this laptop’s formidable attributes. With its optimized power management and a high-capacity battery, you can anticipate several hours of uninterrupted usage on a single charge. Whether you’re toiling away remotely, attending classes, or indulging in multimedia content, you can depend on the XPS 13 Plus 9320 to steadfastly support your daily endeavors.

Connectivity and Ports

Despite its compact dimensions, this laptop doesn’t skimp on connectivity options. It boasts a range of essential ports, including USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and a microSD card slot. Additionally, it’s primed for fast and dependable wireless connectivity with support for Wi-Fi 6. This ensures seamless internet access and swift data transfer, enabling you to stay connected and productive in various scenarios. Dell-XPS-13-Plus-9320_atreboot


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