TF03XL Battery TF03041XL for HP Pavilion 15-CC 15-CD 14-BK

Original price was: KSh 7,000.00.Current price is: KSh 5,500.00.


Product details

Number of Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Ion
Voltage11.55 Volts
Battery Weight255 Grams
  • Delivery Countywide & East Africa Community
  • Warranty Guaranteed: 6 Months for Ex-UK & 1yr for Brand NEW
  • 30 Days returns & refunds
TF03XL Battery TF03041XL for HP Pavilion 15-CC 15-CD 14-BK
KSh 7,000.00 Original price was: KSh 7,000.00.KSh 5,500.00Current price is: KSh 5,500.00.

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  • Compatible HP Laptop Models:(“CTRL”+”F”)
  • HP Pavilion X360 14 Series:


14-BF000 Series:

14-bf040wm 14-bf050wm 14-bf118tu 14-bf120tu 14-bf125tx 14-bf146tx and more

14-BK000 Series:

14-bk061st 14-bk091st 14-bk063st 14-bk0xx and more

14-BP000 Series:

14-BP005LA and more

14-CD0000 Series:

14-cd2053cl 14-cd1055cl 14-cd1075nr 14-cd1010nr 14-cd0003dx 14-cd0002ne 14-cd1033nr and more

14M-CD0000 Series:

14m-cd0xxx 14m-cd0001dx 14m-cd0003dx 14m-cd0006dx 14m-cd0005dx 14m-cdooo3dx and more


  • HP Pavilion X360 15 Series:


15-CC000 15T-CC000 Series:

15-cc000no 15-cc001na 15-cc001nf 15-cc001ng 15-cc001ni 15-cc001nia 15-cc001nk 15-cc001nv 15-cc001nx 15-cc002ne 15-cc002ng

15-cc002ni 15-cc002nia 15-cc002nk 15-cc002nl 15-cc002no 15-cc002nu 15-cc002nx 15-cc002ur 15-cc003nc 15-cc003ng 15-cc003ni

15-cc003nia 15-cc003nk 15-cc004nc 15-cc004ni 15-cc004nk 15-cc004nm 15-cc004no 15-cc004nt 15-cc004nx 15-cc004ur 15-cc005na

15-cc005ng 15-cc005ni 15-cc005nk 15-cc005nl 15-cc005nm 15-cc005no 15-cc005tu 15-cc005tx 15-cc005ur 15-cc006nc 15-cc006ng

15-cc006ni 15-cc006nk 15-cc006nl 15-cc006no 15-cc006nx 15-cc006tx 15-cc006ur 15-cc007nc 15-cc007ng 15-cc007nt 15-cc007nx

15-cc007tx 15-cc007ur 15-cc008nc 15-cc008no 15-cc008nt 15-cc008nx 15-cc008tu 15-cc008tx 15-cc008ur 15-cc009ng 15-cc009nl

15-cc009nm 15-cc009no 15-cc009nt 15-cc009nx 15-cc009tu 15-cc009tx 15-cc009ur 15-cc010nc 15-cc010nk 15-cc010nl 15-cc010no

15-cc010nr 15-cc010tx 15-cc010ur 15-cc011nk 15-cc011tu 15-cc011ur 15-cc012ng 15-cc012nk


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